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 Additional Rules For Online Riddles

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PostSubject: Additional Rules For Online Riddles   Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:48 pm

Do not post answers to levels, or links to any parts of the riddle (levels, files etc.).

Do not post the full question of the level in plain text, this might help other players to skip levels. Instead, stay more general, and/or use *** to blank out contents. In most cases, the riddle creator and the players who have seen that particular level, will understand what you are talking about.
Example: If the question on level 3 was the capital of Spain, then ask for hints like this:
level 3: c****** of S****

Any contents of your post that may spoil too much, will be removed by the forum staff.
In case you post answers or links, you may face a temporary ban.

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Additional Rules For Online Riddles
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